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i-VMS [Visitor Management System]

iVMS takes charge of the complete visit cycle of guests and service providers.

The user interface should have a clear display, without a lot of user input. Even first-time visitors data should be able to capture without assistance Also, consider is the applications design, known as the user interface.

You want the check-in process to be fast so everyone can get down to business. Look for visitor management software that allows guests to be preregistered ahead of their arrival.

Capturing the image of the visitor allows the receiving party to know at a glance who is visiting them. Visitor photos are also stored in case of emergency.

The system should be of such quality that there would be no need for a special IT person on staff or have its management assigned to someone to care for it.


Ease of Use

Preregistration and Repeat Visitor Features

Visitor Photo Capture

Visitor Badge Printing

Secured Data

Unlimited Usage Capacity

Works with Common Hardware Options

No Dedicated or Specialized Personnel is Required

Check in unlimited visitors

Badge Printing, Badge Reprinting

Real time dashboard analysis