Quick and easy patient registration, instantaneous profit and loss statement for your Hospital Management, log in any time anywhere in hospital, totally electronic medical records, unique patient identification; i-Medicare [Hospital Management System]offers futuristic solutions for you.


  • Patient Appointment
  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Billing
  • Ward Management
  • Lab Management
  • Medical Record Department
  • Reports

i-Medicare [Hospital Management System]

Patients can fix their appointment in three ways are as follows

  • In person
  • Though telephone
  • On web link

Doctors availability provided in time slot which will help the patient to book the appointment Appointment remainder will send to the booked person and also for the particular doctor Via SMS and Email Appointment cancellation, rescheduling and swapping, can be done here. Doctor specific interactive calendar will be maintained over here. Token will be generated, with the information like time schedule, doctor name, and purpose of visit i.e. for master check up /specific reason, type of visit i.e. new patient /revisit and number of visit.

New Registration

New registration will happen on the basis of consulting charge for the particular doctor on any mode of payment In Registration, software user will collect information from the patient; some of the details are like patient details and contact details.


In case of revisit user can pull the information about that patient with the help of patient number which is generated once the patient information initially feed into the system.

Patient Search

In absence of complete information about a particular patient, user can pull-out the information about that patient with search option using anyone known data about the patient

Medicine information about the patient will be maintained in system for future reference in case prescription missed by the patient, doctor can easily retrieve the prescribed information from the system.

Lab Investigation

It means once patient meet doctor after registration, in case doctor recommended the particular patient for the following test, after the payment, immediately the details will send to the lab and so Patient can give the patient number in the lab and process their test easily . Adding a test in the billing section will automatically place order in the laboratory.Add combined group of tests in the name of profile. For Example: Master Health Check-up is a profile that consists of many tests. A single profile can have multiple tests


In case (OP) out-patient is converted into (IP) in-patient, then these modules will play vital role with these sub modules


it will take place only with the system generated patient number that was obtained on the basis of registration. In case of admission system will generate inpatient number based on this number admission card provided with photograph and also two attendants ID will be generated but here photograph is optional. And in this admission module nurse and ward boy details also interlinked on request, for security reason that is only for ICU patient Admission card will be generated with or without advance payment for the patient. In this admission module bed status will displayed so that user can view the entire details about availability of bed, in ward / in room /in floor / in building and to make use of it. And other details like admission time, date, session and bed number, ward number, room number, floor detail, building details and doctor details ,diagnosis details ,patient details all those information will be collected and maintained here by the user


Bed Transfer can be done easily at any point of time and system will automatically update the charges based on the room type i.e. in case of surgery patient will move to ICU from normal ward . Here, Current ward details, new ward details, new room, new bed number, transfer date, timing and discharge doctor, admission doctor details will be maintained in this sub module .


On discharge system will shows the pending payment details suppose there is no due for the particular patient then system will show you visible button to generate discharge card with complete medical record that will be given to the patient Here, ward details discharge date bill balance, discharge information will be maintained and discharge summary will be displayed.

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